English Language Coach

Welcome to the place where you will find an ultimate life changing experience in Europe, performing as an ESL Teacher & role model for children & youth at diverse wonderful summer camp locations. Camp Europe is committed to offer young motivated native english speakers the opportunity to embark into a teaching-learning experience during summer time, by providing them the means to develop their teaching skills and extend their international work experience at the same time that they can explore the wonders of the continent and meet like-minded people from all over the world.

If you are 19+ years old and looking for an amazing ESL teaching summer program, you just have found the perfect place.


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This invaluable internship program will foster your professional development as you will be trained and certified by our professional Academy instructors. Our intensive International Camp Counselor (ICC) training session focuses on your personal skills development, with the aim to offer you a specific profile-oriented preparation for the role you will perform within the different program areas. Language Coaching, obviously, but also a wide aray of Sports, Adventure activities, Drama or Arts & Crafts. Furthermore, you will obtain a Life Guard Course complementary to the ICC.

All in all, you will get started with a professional complete 7 days training session through which you will be able to considerably broaden your personal skills. Optionally you can also participate in a 1 and a half day First Aid course. Due to all these positive factors obtained by training, plus the experience of an English Coaching placement with Camp Europe , the whole experience will contribute in launching yourself into an international immersion within the Outdoor Education Professional Sector, and we will be proud of having supported you. Every year, we provide hundreds of referral letters to prospective employers who are interested in the certifications with which we provide our participants.

Camp Staff in SwitzerlandNative English speaking University students travel to Europe, in order to meet with people from many different countries, in order to obtain a 1 week full training and ESL teaching certifications along the way. After the training session is over, you can travel, enjoy and relax until is time for you to show up at your designated campsite to perform as an English Coach, conducting lessons and activities which promote experiential learning.


  • Teach English Abroad.
  • Meet people from all over the globe with like-minded interest.
  • Acquire teaching experience through your own creation of stimulating, fun and safe activities for children and youth.
  • Every summer, many european towns become hosts for International Education & Recreation Outdoor gatherings.
  • A wide variety of Summer Camps and Summer Schools, throughout Europe, offer the opportunity to International students to participate in their programs fullfilling many different roles as staff members.
  • Camp Europe programs are most often bilingual; offered in English as well as in the native language of the host country.
  • Travel around the Old Continent; locations are concentrated mainly in Germany, Austria, England, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, and France.
educational programs in EuropeAll of our programs are based on Non-Formal Educational Models, known in the academic research field as Experiential Learning (EL); which includes typical activities related to Outdoor Educational Centers,  Summer Camps, Creativity Workshops, Alternative Theatre Plays, Adventure Sport Facilitation, among other fields. Many of our senior staff members are involved in the educational field. Either as pedagogist, therapists, teachers, physical education professionals, etc. Each activity implemented follows a 3 step protocolary process> It starts with a briefing about what is about to be done and what is to be achieved. Second ly the groups steps into action, by fully engaging with the activity and lastly there is debriefing session in which participants get to reflect and share what they have learnt and felt during the activity.

This allows us to implement always an educational focus and its immediate feedback. Educational content is portrayed & infused through different didactic areas, such as:

  • Language Development
  • Athletics
  • Kinesiology
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Leadership & Communication Development
  • Community Building
  • Universal Values
  • Creative Thinking
  • Social & Interpersonal Skills

Always provided through a full immersion onto a different, multi-cultural. amazingly fun, experiential learning.

recreational programs in EuropeCamp Europe was born under an agreement reached by individuals living in North America and Europe that share an avid interest in global topics such as world fraternity, the need of a true integral educational path, and who believe that there is much to be learnt from one another on a variety of topics; the importance of effective communication between different cultural backgrounds, empathy, leadership, environmental awareness;  creative ways to attack our current problems & healthy ways of enjoying the summer time getting unplugged from our daily on line devices, through motivational dynamics, & adrenaline-loaded adventure sports.

Recreational elements of each activity include a basis of fantasy and creative thinking, to build positive energy and break down the learning barriers of each participant. Activities normally fall into one of the following Program Areas:

  • Climbing & High Ropes Courses
  • Leadership Development
  • Water Sports
  • Land Sports
  • Music & Drama
  • Creativity Workshops
  • Survival & Orienteering
  • Swimming
  • Hikes & Excursions
  • Camp Coordination & Logistics


  • The freedom to plan your own creative/outdoor activities was great. My favourite 4 aspects were: The other teamers, The campers, The night staff meetings and the impressive enthusiastic campfires. Also, that I got to improve my German language skills.
    Evelyn Henderson - USA
  • The training week was lots of fun, a great start. Got to meet lots of interesting people and learn lots of different aspects about counseling children & youth. The four week session was intense and rewarding. I got to connect and bond deeply with campers and counselor peers alike.
    Joe Peter Halloway- Scotland
  • The other camp counselors were fantastic. The excursions were amazing (Eifelpark & Schwimmbad). It was nice to get a new group of girls every week. I guided the archery course. This was one of the highlights each week and the girls absolutely loved it. It is not something most kids have access to, so they are very interested in trying it out. It is also relatively easy to explain and for them to master.
    Jana Klages Miller- Milwaukee
  • The whole Camp atmosphere, it was actually like a big family where everyone helped each other every day. Some of my best memories: My wonderful tent groups with whom I had an absolutely wonderful time. The singing in the kitchen while we were cooking or cleaning up. That one night we had a million stars in the sky during the hike.
    Juan Carlos Sullka- Bolivia

Application Process for Language Coach

Read ALL the information regarding Camp Europe’s program including the Frequently Asked Questions section as well as the Terms & Conditions. Once you are sure this program suits your interests, fill out & submit the Online Application Form.
Once our selection committee has reviewed your application, you will be contacted by email to set up an interview.
All Interviews will be via Skype.
For German participants, Skype ID: camp-europe – interview Times in German time
For International participants: Skype ID: CampEurope_Interviews – Interview Times in EST

NOTE> Prior to the interview you will be required to submit a 50 Euro deposit required to confirm the interview. This pre-interview deposit is refundable to you in cases where, after the interview, Camp Europe is unable to offer you a placement.
The pre interview deposit is a requirement, as it acts as a filter and demonstrates serious commitment with the program.

Upon a successful interview & a second review of your profile, a placement offer package will be sent to you, You will have 1 week in order to confirm your participation by sending us back the signed agreement and 1 more week to submit the fee payment and required documents.
The Preliminary Placement Offer Package includes:

  • A welcome letter from the camp head director, Jan Vieth.
  • A Preliminary Placement Offer
  • A Memorandum of Understanding for you to sign as a preliminary contract.
  • A Catalogue of what each camp site has to offer.
  • Information regarding training sessions.
  • Information Regarding logistics; transfers and shuttles.
  • A description list of duties and responsibilities for each position at camp.
  • A description of what a regular day looks like.
  • A packing list.
  • A list with hints and advice for traveling, cheap and light.
  • A list of ALL documents you must provide us.
  • Copy of your valid passport
  • Copy of Plane ticket to Hamburg (HAM) or train ticket to Walsrode for Training session.
  • Signed acceptance of the Memorandum of Understanding
  • Valid First Aid Certificate
  • Recent Non-Criminal Record Check
  • Medical certificate
  • Deposit payment of 290 Euros in order to confirm commitment and participation in the program
Money is always tight, specially for students; we know that, we were students ourselves not too long ago.
In order to confirm your participation, 290 Euros is to be paid once you have been offered a placement. The Fee is intended to cover:

  • Interview/Deposit
  • Full Room & Board
  • Airport Shuttle Service (Pick-up)
  • 4 different Training Sessions
  • International Camp Counselor Training
  • Bronze Cross Lifeguard
  • 2 week training: International Camp Counselor training + Language Coach Training)
  • Inter-Placement Transfers
  • T-shirt
  • Interview Cost
  • Admin fee
  • Processing Fee

All Language Coach participants must send their Fee Payment through this link.

Or through Direct Bank Transfer to:
Beneficiary: International Camps Network CC0001 33019 1995390

Bank of Montreal
International Banking, Head Office, Montreal
Branch: 2I0 4307 13Oth Avenue SE, Calgary, AB.
Direct Payment Routing Number CC0001
Account Number: 1995390

Important Information

Please take some time to read the following questions as they might solve many concerns you might find along the process. The training session is an essential component of the program. Be aware that if you are not capable to attend it completely, from start to end, Camp Europe will not be able to provide a placement opportunity.

2019 Training sessions will take place in Walsrode (Northern Germany):
Main training: June 22nd to June 28th – T1

Training Modules>
June 22nd – June 25th International Camp Counselor mandatory for all Camp Counselors
June 25th afternoon Life Guarding Bronze (Group 1) mandatory for all Camp Counselors (exceptions possible)
June 26th – June 27th GEOlino Training parallel sessions – mandatory for all GEOlino Coaches
High Ropes Assistant parallel sessions – mandatory for all High Ropes Course Assistants
Adventure, Survival, Creative parallel sessions – mandatory: for everybody else
June 27th – June 28th First aid certification optional (you can book it for 65 EUR)
Life Guarding Bronze (Group 2) mandatory for almost every Camp Counselors

Alternative Training 2: June 30th – July 6th – T2
Alternative Training 3: July 14th – July 20th – T3
Alternative Training 3: July 28th – Aug 3rd – T4
NOTE: If you are unable to attend any of the training, then we can not offer you a placement.

Address: Camp Adventure Academy, Vethem 58, 29664 Walsrode, Germany

Campsite Address: Camp Adventure Academy, Vethem 58, 29664 Walsrode, Germany

In order to arrive to our main campsite for training>
Option 1: Airport Shuttle from Hamburg International Airport (HAM) on Friday June 21st, 2019. Meeting Point: McDonald’s patio on 3rd floor of terminal 1, departure at 6.00pm
Option 2: Walsrode train station shuttle on June 21st, 2019 at 7:45pm
Option 3: Walsrode train station shuttle on June 22nd, 2019 at 10:45am
Option 4: Self arranged arrival on June 21st after 8:00pm or June 22nd before 11:00am.

Our intensive 7 day International Camp Counselor (ICC) training session will focus on your personal skills with the aim to offer you a specific profile-oriented preparation for the role you will perform within the different camp program areas, for which you will get special training sessions whether it be High Ropes, Language Coaching, Survival & Adventure or Arts & Crafts. Furthermore, you will obtain a Bronze Cross -Life Guard- Course complementary to the ICC. Optionally you can also participate in a 1 and a half day First Aid course.

All in all, you will get started with a professional complete 7 days training session through which you will be able to considerably broaden your personal skills. So, you can expect…

    • A fantastic week full of an energetic crowd gathering in a patch of forest, just an hour away from Hamburg.
    • An opportunity to meet like-minded people and enjoy experiential learning through educational and recreational activities, games & group dynamics.
    • A lot of action at our campsite in Walsrode. where you’ll meet other international faces with whom you will spend a wicked summer.
      The contents of the International Camp Counselor Training are many. From knowing how you can entertain children and young people to what to do accurately with homesickness: passing through legal aspects, on how to develop presentation skills to perform in front of large groups and other counseling techniques for instructing various activities such as survival, team building, etc; our coaching team has prepared a full training pack for you.
    • The only thing you must bring, is your own fantastic & motivated good feeling vibe to start the summer!
    • If you don’t have a first aid certificate or your old one has expired, you can complete this course after the International Camp Counselor Training at our campsite in Walsrode.*
    • The camp-specific seminars, they all take place directly at each camp-site, during this occasion you will meet with the rest of the team, explore the premises, etc.

All staff members will perform as International Camp Counselors. However, due to different camp programs some staff members will deepen their skills in different program areas.

      • The Language Coach training is aimed at those who will perform at one of the Language Camps. During the training you will learn our coaching philosophy and a variety of games and activities, so that you have the tools to keep the campers active and entertained.
      • Climbing & High ropes course training will provide you with a CA Academy program Area Assistant Director certificate.
      • Outdoor Adventure, Creative & Drama training will provide you with a CA Academy program Area Assistant Director certificate.
      • GEOlino training is only available for German speaking staff members with a very good language proficiency. The training will provide you with all necessary skills to lead a newspaper and photography workshop.
For International participants, the International Camp Counselor Training costs are already included in the fee. It includes: team coaching and training materials, as well as accommodation, food, and the shuttle service from the airport to the training.
Participation in the first aid certification course has a cost of 65 €. It also covers accommodation and meals.
Language Coach, Climbing & High Ropes, Outdoor Adventure, Arts & Crafts training are also free of charge for all International Participants

All senior staff, returning staff and new internees will meet for a fantastic training session full of great moments

  • The accommodation is in tents. The premises can be found by some people as basic or even rustic. We are all based on community collaboration, so we cook our own meals and we clean and tiddy up ourselves.
  • Although mid summer, at night it can get chilly. Bring warm clothes for sleeping.
  • Bring Bug spray.
  • Sometimes it can get really wet, bring rain gear and plastic bag for protecting your stuff from water.
  • Bring any musical instruments, typical stuff from your country and 1 donation item for the yearly charity silent auction.
  • There is no WI FI during training session and neither in most camp location. Take advantage of that great chance, unplug yourself and make friends from all over the world

About Training

For ALL summer placements, the general training will be held in Germany. Additionally, every camp offers a more specific training, according to the nature of each summer camp. (i.e. Horseback Riding Camp, ESA camp (European Space Agency, Rock Climbing Camp, etc)
If you are assigned to one of these camps, you still have to attend the General Mandatory Camp, and then the corresponding training to your specific placement, which takes place normally 2 or 3 days before the start of the specific program.
Full Room & Board is provided during the training, as well as
All Equipment & Materials and lots of fun.
No weekly stipend, though.

About Placements

As a Language Coach, you have to create and run your own program for a few hours every day teaching english to kids; through games, group dynamics, sports, creative activities, etc. The weekly stipend you receive is determined by your expertise level and responsibilities. After your teaching sessions, you will become a regular camp support staff.

As a Counselor, you will be in charge of a group (6-8) of children / youth. Making sure they are safe, having fun, integrating to camp life, performing their chores, and over all, motivating them to have a great summer time in the outdoors.
As an Adventure Guide you will either assist in the High Ropes Course or run projects like Kayak, Canoeing, Survival.

Prior to departure, you will sign a Memorandum of Understanding, which might suffer minor changes according to your assigned camp & country of placement; however the main elements on it and the terms and conditions will remain unchanged.
During the on-site training session, any final contract particulars can be discussed with CE coordinators and senior staff.
Not necessarily. Your placement assignation is established according to many factors, such as: your time availability, camp preferences, interview results, etc.
Most likely you will have from 3 days and up to 2 weeks between training and first placement. In such case, you can take advantage to go traveling around on your own or with new friends you will make during training.
No. Your participation in the program is structured under European laws as an Internship exempted from paying any sort of taxes. The money you will receive is mostly intended to help you recover your inter continental transportation expenses.

There are main goals within the programs. Its content is carefully set out in our Camp Europe’s program guidelines; however, the specific activities which are used to reach these goals can vary according to your skills and interests. This will all be discussed in detail during the training session.
They come from all over the globe, mainly: Germany, Ireland, UK, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Spain, Mexico, South Africa, South America, India, and others. The counselors are generally between 19 and 35 years old.
Working always in mixed age groups, tolerance and respect for diversity is found in the training groups as well as in our camp groups.
Every year, we create a pool of email addresses with all participants that accept to share their contact details, in order to get you in contact with other participants. The email for participants to get in contact with each other is sent by mid May
Also, you can always access our facebook page to get Social with Camp Europe. Click here
Every 2 weeks, you get one night off (from dinner time and until breakfast time the next morning).
Also, every camp session starts on a Sunday evening and it ends the following Saturday morning. So, between Saturday noon (after clean up) you have time to go out and relax, either on your own or with the rest of the camp’s staff crew.
If you are participating as a Language Coach it will be very convenient, as you will be required to prepare lessons, and do presentations.
If you are participating as a Camp Counselor, you can also bring it, if you will.
As for other items, you will get a packing list later on, along with your Preliminary Placement Offer.
No, but be prepared to get immersed in the local language, and be open to the idea of exploring the culture, the food and traditions of a foreign nation.
Yes; However, contract extension decisions are to be agreed upon, directly with the Camp Europe representatives in your host country in Europe. Every year we have a few spots available to teach English during the Spring and the Fall.
If you are interested, make sure to let us know so on your application and during the interview.

About Meals

No, although nuts in general are not included in the daily diet of our menus, we can not guarantee a peanut free environment.
At all camps there is always a vegetarian meal option.

About Traveling

Depends. For all participants in the 6-Month Outdoor Education Diploma program, yes, you need to obtain a working holiday visa. For all other programs, participants from the EU, Canada, USA and Australia, you do not need any Visa. Citizens from th rest of the world will need to obtain a regular Tourist Schengen Visa. In this case, upon receiving a Preliminary Placement Offer, you will also receive a Format Letter directed to the German consulate of your country, in order for you to include it in the list of documents that are required. Please note that this letter does not guarantee you will obtain the visa, as it is not Camp Europe’s decision.

No, we are not a travel agency. However, we can provide tips and offer suggestions, based on our experience. Airfare reservations and purchases are the sole responsibility of each participant.

Camp Europe provides a shuttle service from Hamburg Airport to the General Training site. You can also get picked up at the train station in Walsrode.

Counselors placed in Germany, if they need to go from the training site to another placement location, will either get 75 EUR or a Rail ticket from Camp Europe.
All participants placed in Ireland, England or Spain will get a confirmation whether they are on a group flight or not (group flight means being responsible for campers transfers) 4 weeks prior to staff training.

  • Before training participants should not book a transfer flight as we will arrange and send further instructions by then.
  • In case the participant is not on a group flight, then he/she will have to book the plane ticket on their own and will receive a refund up to 300 EUR, upon presenting the invoice.
    Camp Europe will also cover the Change/cancellation fee, in case last moment changes occur to the participant’s placement offer. Make sure you buy the supplement for cancellation insurance. Camp Europe will not refund for an entire lost ticket!
Depending on the training session, and your placement dates, you may have an opportunity to travel before your training session, between your training session and placement, and/or after your placement.

About the Fee

We do not offer any sort of jobs.
We are an International Placement Partnership Organization.
We offer International Placement Opportunities> Summer Staff – Internship – Diplomas.

The Payable Fee that covers many different expenses incurrid on by offering this full service package, such as:

    • Full Room & Board
    • Shuttle Service
    • All Program’s Materials,
    • Airport Shuttle
    • Transportation to Hosting Camps,
    • T-Shirt,
    • Plus, all required Administrative Costs.


    • In return , you get>
    • 4 different exhaustive training sessions that will develop and enhance your personal, physical and teaching skills, such as:
      International Camp Counselor Training.
    • Bronze Cross Lifeguard Training
    • High Ropes Course Assistant Training,
    • Language Coach Training,
    • Outdoor Adventure Guide Training,
    • Crafts & Drama Program Training,
      Please also note we have not raised our fee, since we got started 8 years ago. We do have a strong commitment with students and their low budgets. You can tell how much other volunteer opportunities cost these days.
    • A weekly stipend that can range between 75 and up to 250 euros / week.
Depending on your plans, but basically:

  • Your plane ticket,
  • Any hostels you might need to stay at, and all meals while you are not at camp / training,
  • Any other required transportation,
  • Souvenirs & any personals.
    • If you decide to complete your 1st aid course during the training week in Germany, you will need to pay 65 EUR for it.
Yes. We are able to offer these placements only to participants who present a valid International Medical Insurance.
This insurance must cover medical expenses for participants while they participate in the training course and during the full length of their placement. Travel insurance is optional.

About the Weekly Stipend

For every completed week of performance, you are granted certain amount of money, according to many factors such as:

  • Position & roles
  • Previous experience
  • Hosting camp
  • Number of weeks you participate
  • The season of the year, etc.

Weekly stipends oscillate between 75 euros/ week up to 250 Euros / week.
Camp Counsellor & Language Coach:

  • 75 EUR first year staff members
  • 100 EUR 2nd year staff members
  • 150 EUR 3rd year staff members
  • Spring and Fall seasons: 250 EUR / week
No. All weekly stipends are paid in cash at the end of the each placement week.