Summer Camp Counselor

Welcome to the place where you will find an ultimate life changing experience in the Old Continent, performing as a role model for children & youth at diverse wonderful summer camp locations. Whether as a Camp Counselor, a Language Coach, a Group Leader, a Program Director, Support Staff or an Adventure Guide & High Ropes Course Assistant; Camp Europe is committed to offer young motivated people from around the world, the opportunity to embark into a life learning experience during each summer, by providing the means to develop their skills and extend their international work experience at the same time that they can explore the wonders of the Old Continent and meet like-minded people from all over the world. If you are 19+ years old and looking for an amazing summer internship program, you just have found the perfect place. 

This invaluable internship program will foster your professional development as you will be trained and certified by our professional Academy. Our intensive International Camp Counselor (ICC) training session focuses on your personal skills development, with the aim to offer you a specific profile-oriented preparation for the role you will perform within the different program areas. From High Ropes, Language Coaching, Aquatic Sports, Survival & Adventure, Land Sports, Drama or Arts & Crafts. Furthermore, you will obtain a Life Guard Course complementary to the ICC.

All in all, you will get started with a professional complete 7 days training session through which you will be able to considerably broaden your personal skills. Optionally you can also participate in a 1 and a half day First Aid course. Due to all these positive factors obtained by training, plus the experience of a placement with us, the whole experience will contribute in launching yourself into an international immersion within the Outdoor Education Professional Sector, and we will be proud of having supported you. Every year, we provide hundreds of referral letters to prospective employers who are interested in the certifications with which we provide our participants.

Camp Staff in SwitzerlandLong story short, the program is designed to allow University students to travel to Europe, meet people from many different countries, to benefit from a top class Outdoor Education Intense training and get a few certifications along the way. Then having met cool people and being pumped up by the training, you might find some time to do some traveling around Europe with your recently met friends. Travel, enjoy and relax to then show up at your designated campsite to perform as a role model, spend time playing outdoors like a kid, experience to work in a team based environment, and have the time of your life.


  • Learn or practice a new language.
  • Meet people from all over the globe with like-minded interest.
  • Acquire teaching experience through your own creation of stimulating, fun and safe activities for children and youth.
  • Every summer, many european towns become hosts for International Education & Recreation Outdoor gatherings.
  • A wide variety of Summer Camps and Summer Schools, throughout Europe, offer the opportunity to International students to participate in their programs fullfilling many different roles as staff members.
  • Mainly, there are 2 different placement positions available each summer:  Camp Counsellor & Language Coach.
  • Camp Europe participants perform an Internship which allows students to receive an Official Certificate of Participation in an International Internship Program.
  • Camp Europe programs are most often bilingual; offered in English as well as in the native language of the host country.
  • Travel around the Old Continent; locations are concentrated mainly in Germany, Austria, Ireland, Spain, and France.
educational programs in EuropeAll of our programs are based on Non-Formal Educational Models, known in the academic research field as Experiential Learning (EL); which includes typical activities related to Outdoor Educational Centers,  Summer Camps, Creativity Workshops, Alternative Theatre Plays, Adventure Sport Facilitation, among other fields. Many of our senior staff members are involved in the educational field. Either as pedagogist, therapists, teachers, physical education professionals, etc. Each activity implemented follows a 3 step protocolary process> It starts with a briefing about what is about to be done and what is to be achieved. Second ly the groups steps into action, by fully engaging with the activity and lastly there is debriefing session in which participants get to reflect and share what they have learnt and felt during the activity.

This allows us to implement always an educational focus and its immediate feedback. Educational content is portrayed & infused through different didactic areas, such as:

  • Language Development
  • Athletics
  • Kinesiology
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Leadership & Communication Development
  • Community Building
  • Universal Values
  • Creative Thinking
  • Social & Interpersonal Skills

Always provided through a full immersion onto a different, multi-cultural. amazingly fun, experiential learning.

recreational programs in EuropeCamp Europe was born under an agreement reached by individuals living in North America and Europe that share an avid interest in global topics such as world fraternity, the need of a true integral educational path, and who believe that there is much to be learnt from one another on a variety of topics; the importance of effective communication between different cultural backgrounds, empathy, leadership, environmental awareness;  creative ways to attack our current problems & healthy ways of enjoying the summer time getting unplugged from our daily on line devices, through motivational dynamics, & adrenaline-loaded adventure sports.

Recreational elements of each activity include a basis of fantasy and creative thinking, to build positive energy and break down the learning barriers of each participant. Activities normally fall into one of the following Program Areas:

  • Climbing & High Ropes Courses
  • Leadership Development
  • Water Sports
  • Land Sports
  • Music & Drama
  • Creativity Workshops
  • Survival & Orienteering
  • Swimming
  • Hikes & Excursions
  • Camp Coordination & Logistics

Application Process

Camp Europe operates internationally through its 2 main offices located in Hamburg & Ottawa. The application process and administrative steps required in order to handle applicant’s files differs according to the applicant’s nationality. Therefore, German citizens have a slightly different process than all other UE citizens as they deal with domestic law and procedures.

Applicants out of the EU are welcome to apply through a bit more complex process due to international immigration policies, medical coverage insurance and background checks. Find out more about the specific process you must undergo. So, feel free to enter into your corresponding section and get started submitting your application form as the kick start for a magnificent summer time experience.

German Citizen

Find out about the Application Process for all German citizens

Camp Counselor Language Coach

Spend active days performing as a role model, playing and bonding with people from many different corners of the world. Enjoy the starry summer nights listening to the crackling of the campfire, and share your enthusiasm.

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European Citizen

Find out about the Application Process for all EU citizenss

Camp Counselor Language Coach

Spend active days performing as a role model, playing and bonding with people from many different corners of the world. Enjoy the starry summer nights listening to the crackling of the campfire, and share your enthusiasm.

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Non EU Citizen

Find out about the Application Process for all NON European Residents

Camp Counselor Language Coach

Spend active days performing as a role model, playing and bonding with people from many different corners of the world. Enjoy the starry summer nights listening to the crackling of the campfire, and share your enthusiasm.

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  • The freedom to plan your own creative/outdoor activities was great. My favourite 4 aspects were: The other teamers, The campers, The night staff meetings and the impressive enthusiastic campfires. Also, that I got to improve my German language skills.
    Evelyn Henderson - USA
  • The training week was lots of fun, a great start. Got to meet lots of interesting people and learn lots of different aspects about counseling children & youth. The four week session was intense and rewarding. I got to connect and bond deeply with campers and counselor peers alike.
    Joe Peter Halloway- Scotland
  • The other camp counselors were fantastic. The excursions were amazing (Eifelpark & Schwimmbad). It was nice to get a new group of girls every week. I guided the archery course. This was one of the highlights each week and the girls absolutely loved it. It is not something most kids have access to, so they are very interested in trying it out. It is also relatively easy to explain and for them to master.
    Jana Klages Miller- Milwaukee
  • The whole Camp atmosphere, it was actually like a big family where everyone helped each other every day. Some of my best memories: My wonderful tent groups with whom I had an absolutely wonderful time. The singing in the kitchen while we were cooking or cleaning up. That one night we had a million stars in the sky during the hike.
    Juan Carlos Sullka- Bolivia