Campers Terms & Conditions

This is an AGREEMENT BETWEEN CAMP EUROPE S.P. registered under the law of Ontario, Canada, and Legal Guardian NAME, in representation of applicant, as minors cannot create binding contracts.
In relation to the application process on booking a summer camp placement at any camp program offered, run and managed by Camp Europe e.V. summer camps in Europe. This application form and its corresponding process for applicants will be valid as pre-booking contract and is to be governed by the laws of Ontario. Any dispute resulting on the application process must come to Ontario courts.
  • APPLICANT _ Person interested in becoming a PARTICIPANT
  • PARTICIPANT_ Person who will be receiving the SERVICE.
  • LEGAL GUARDIAN_Person in charge of any under age APPLICANT.
  • Responsible for creating a contract with Camp Europe S.P. & Camp Europe e.V.

The applicant and legal guardian understand that Camp Europe, as an international organization is linked into two regulations, and two different laws. Therefore, Camp Europe Structures itself into two operational business offices:
Camp Europe e.V. as provider of the promoted and announced by CAMP EUROPE S.P.

  • CAMP EUROPE S.P_ Performing the promotional & application process administration of APPLICANT’s application to handle it until an agreement is signed between Camp Europe e.V.. and the APPLICANT and or LEGAL GUARDIAN..
  • Camp Europe S.P is solely a contractor for Camp Europe e.V.., (Provider of the service). Camp Europe S.P. provides promotion and application process services only, This agreement, and Camp Europe S.P responsibilities are limited to the promotional, interviewing and application process only, and it is not linked in any way with the actual service to be contracted between The APPLICANT and/or LEGAL GUARDIAN and Camp Europe e.V.., through one or many of its operational camps, under their own rules, terms & conditions; under the law of the corresponding country of placement. Camp Europe S.P has no representations and full warranties about Camp Europe e.V. programs.
  • This is not an Agreement with Camp Europe e.V.  nor Camp Adventure located in Hamburg, Germany. (Provider of the service).
  • APPLICANT agrees to the disclosure of information as on the Privacy Policy stating.

Upon accepting the placement offer, a contract will be arranged between Camp Adventure Gmbh._ and the APPLICANT.

Camp Europe S.P. will then automatically be excluded of all liability, during the applicants participation in the program.

  • The Legal Guardian must present proof of legal guardianship. He/she will commit all financial responsibilities.
    The Legal Guardian must present signed proof of relationship and or guardianship to THE PARTICIPANT.
  • Participant will be required to enter the European Union (EU) as a tourist and must verify before hand if any Visa or special permit participant might require to show if requested by the Border Authorities, according to the participants nationality and status.
  • Deposit. > Substantial expenses are incurred by Camp Europe s.P. while an application is considered by Camp Central Offices. If applicant withdraws following a camp assignation, Legal Guardian will forfeit the Deposit Payment. For such cases of illness or medical incapacity or change of plans, there is a Cancellation policy offer, that must be paid along with the Deposit, which is a payment not subject to refund. Unless Camp Europe S.P. is unable to extend a camp assignation to the APPLICANT.
    APPLICANT should be aware that Camp Europe charges a fee in respect to the costs associated with organizing the program. This fee is to be paid by the Applicant and/or Legal Guardian of the applying camper and is charged in all circumstances without exception and applies equally to returning participants or any promotional discount..
    When a camp is found to suit your availability and interest, Camp Europe will inform you via our online communication system immediately, and you will then be required to pay in full the fee published on the web site and provide our  office with all the required documents. Your final group of payments includes a compulsory medical insurance premium. Cancellations at the point of participation must be notified immediately and cannot be inferred by non-payment of the fees.
  • Amount due> Remaining of the Fee. Along with proof of signed acceptance to the Specific Camp’s own terms & Conditions will automatically be waiving Camp Europe S.P of all responsibilities. Applicants and Legal Guardian must also agree to the specific camp’s terms and conditions, in order to participate in the camping program
  • Complete all payments and financials according to Camp Europe S.P. procedures mentioned above.
  • Air transportation from North America or elsewhere into EUROPE on the appropriate day and time is sole responsibility of Legal Guardian. All air fare transportation costs will be paid fully by participant Legal Guardian.
  • Legal Guardian agrees to complete all visa requirements including attending personal interview at the Selected Country Embassy or Consulate at own expense in accordance with the instructions thereof and to be responsible for obtaining for APPLICANT a valid passport at least three months prior to departure and to comply with all vaccination and immunization requirements.
  • Legal Guardian understands that submitting a registration form does not guarantee a placement.
  • Legal Guardian abides the application rules.
  • Agrees to the disclosure of information as on Camp Europe  – Camp Adventure info sharing procedures and their Privacy Policy statements.
  • Legal Guardian warrants that ALL information provided in the registration procedure is honest and accurate and agrees that it is expected from APPLICANT to perform their camper duties to the best of their abilities. Legal Guardian understands that providing false or misleading information about any matter will lead to cancellation from the program.
  • Legal Guardian consents to participant´s personal information being held, processed and disclosed by Camp Europe both within and outside the EU.  For the purposes of this clause personal data includes but is not limited to all information supplied on registration forms, telephone or person to person conversations, medical forms and criminal record check ups.
  • Legal Guardian waives and releases Camp Europe and its affiliates, agents and employees from any claims whatsoever arising from any injury, loss, damage, accident, delay, or expense resulting from events beyond control, including without limitation: Acts of God, acts of war, strikes, incidents of politically motivated violence, terrorism, sickness or quarantine, government restrictions or regulations, and, in the absence of gross negligence (or negligence in the case of personal injury) arising from the use of any vehicle or from any act or omission by any agent or employee or guests of the participating camp, individual, firm, or company in relation to transportation to, from and within the E.U. or another facility or service organized on participants behalf.
    Legal Guardian accepts unexpected costs incurred into by the participant such as any unexpected costs covered by Camp Europe / Camp Adventure to attend specific needs of the participant. Even after participation has been completed.
  • Under the basis of a compensation payment, Legal Guardian will be awarded a money request attached to a corresponding invoice for those unexpected costs incurred by Camp Europe in order to support certain specific situation regarding participant´s given specific situation. Legal Guardian agrees to reimburse Camp Europe, or the summer camp in which participant is placed for any expenses incurred by Camp Europe or anyone else in taking any action reasonably considered necessary in the interests of participants health and safety, if not covered by the medical insurance policy. If deemed desirable by Camp Europe or its agents, parent authorizes to transport participant back to the country of origin at your Legal Guardian´s expenses in case of lacking insurance.
  • Understand that Camp Europe s.P. in Canada does not own or in any way assume responsibility for the operation of the summer camps. The administration and management of each camp is solely responsibility of its proprietor(s) and/or director. As a consequence, Camp Europe s.P., cannot, and does not, accept liability for any decisions, actions or omissions of whatever nature made by or on behalf of the proprietors and/or directors of the camps.
  • Legal Guardian and Participant understand that the responsibility of the camp towards the participant is limited to supervising and guidance during activities, housing, 3 meals a day & program activities. The rest arre suplementary services.
Register On Line
  1. Read ALL the information regarding Camp Europe program, including:
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Terms & Conditions
  2. Once you are sure this program suits your interests; access the Online Registration Form
  3. Submit a Deposit
  4. Respond to our personal Contact in order to complete the registration process. Once our booking department has reviewed your registration,  if required, you will be contacted by email to set up an interview. This interview will allow to establish a personal contact between Camp Adventure, and the APPLICANT / legal guardian. Interview will be via telephone, or video conference depending on your location.
Camp Info Pack

After establishing contact & upon having a complete file, a camp offer package will be sent via email. The Camp Offer Package includes:

  • A welcome letter from Camp Europe’s head director, Jan Vieth.
  • An acceptance letter directed to the corresponding European consulate, if a VISA permit is required.
  • A Memorandum of Understanding for legal guardian to sign as a preliminary contract.
  • A Catalogue of what the camp site has to offer.
  • Information Regarding logistics; transfers and shuttles.
  • A description list of duties and responsibilities for each camper while at camp.
  • A packing list.
  • A Pro-Forma Invoice
  • A list of ALL documents that must be provided.

In order to complete the camper’s registration, Camp Europe must receive the following:

  • Acceptance of the Memorandum of Understanding Signed by Legal Guardian
  • Disclosure letter from Legal Guardian
  • Valid travel insurance
  • Medical information.
  • Copy of Plane Ticket
  • Total Fee payment

The Amount Due of the total fee is to be paid 45 days prior to camp start, the latest.

The Fee is intended to cover:

  1. Full camp program (staffing, equipment & materials.)
  2. Full Room & Board during Camp.
  3. Administrative Fees
  4. Shuttle Service from / to Airport *
  5. Medical Coverage while at camp*
  6. Language lesson*
  7. Extra activities*

*If Selected and paid independently from the camp program

Important: Getting your registration form accepted does not guarantee you will get a camper spot at the elected dates and campsite. Booking a Camp Europe program by paying the deposit, does not enrolls you automatically into the program. If a camper allocation is not extended to the applicant, he / she will be informed as soon as possible and have the Deposit Payment refunded no later than July 31st.
A completed registration form will be submitted to the for initial screening on the availability system, Once an application has been checked and accepted by Camp Europe s.P  you will be contacted by personnel of the camp program operator.

No Registrations will be accepted later than June 30th.
Camp Europe may refuse to accept any registration, given a valid reason.

  • If THE APPLICANT fails to participate in the program for any reason, the deposit will be forfeit. Penalties are necessary because of the administrative expenses & costs involved with the program´s management and organization. Camp Europe must be informed immediately of all cancellations.
  • It is the duty of Legal Guardian to comply with the requirements of the medical policy and behavior management standards as informed by Camp Europe staff. Failure to comply with these guidelines will be reason to expel the misbehaved participant from the program; without any reimbursement of the paid fee.
  • Failure to disclose relevant information or to complete the required paperwork at the appropriate time can lead to termination from the application process and / or program and forfeit of all payments made.
    Applicants should be aware that all refund claims should be submitted in writing by September 30th. No further claims will be accepted after this time.
  • Agree to be present in good time for all flights or other transportation.
  • Agree that hostile or aggressive behavior will result in immediate expulsion from the program and the forfeiting of all payments.
  • Agree to abide by all lawful rules and reasonable regulations of Camp Europe contained herein and of the camp to which attends.
  • Agree to abide by all Legal and Internal regulations as well as instructions of the E.U. Governments, including returning home no later than five months after entry to the E.U. through any Schengen country.
  • Agree to carry out the Camper duties and other responsibilities within the camp to the best of participants ability and with due respect and to take full responsibility of own actions at all times in accordance with the rules and guidelines set out by the Camp Europe staff and any other such as program brochures, handbooks, website and stipulations on these terms & conditions.
  • Applicant and legal guardian releases Camp Europe S.P. from any claims whatsoever arising from any injury loss, damage, accident, delay or expense, resulting from events beyond control, including but without limitation: Acts of God, acts of war, strikes, politically motivated violence, terrorism, sickness, quarantine, government restrictions, or regulations.
  • Camp Europe S.P. gets excluded from what could happen at the actual camp and camp program provided by Camp Adventure / Camp Europe e.V. such as: Delays, Accidents, Robbery and even death of THE PARTICIPANT.
  • Applicant and legal guardian releases Camp Europe S.P. from any claims whatsoever arising from any injury loss, damage, accident, delay or expense, resulting from events beyond control, including but without limitation: Acts of God, acts of war, strikes, politically motivated violence, terrorism, sickness, quarantine, government restrictions, or regulations.
  • Having completely checked the website information, please discuss with your interviewer any medical problems that you have or have had in the past which may affect your chances of participating on the program. Failure to disclose relevant medical information at the earliest opportunity is grounds for dismissal from the program. Any deposit payments already made will be forfeited, and our medical insurance policy rendered invalid. Please note that pre-existing medical conditions may not be covered by Europe e.V. insurance provider, and participants may be required to buy a supplementary Non-Camp Europe policy at their own additional expense to ensure they have sufficient coverage for program participation.
  • Even after going through an interview and being accepted as a participant for the program and during the program length it remains your responsibility to inform the Camp Europe office in writing of any material changes to your medical circumstances.
  • Camp Europe reserves the right to vary, delay or cancel your participation should your medical circumstances deteriorate between the time of your application and the date that you are due to return home from Europe.
  • In accordance to Camp Europe´s internal bylaws and its insurance provider policies: In return for a medical coverage payment we arrange for insurance to cover medical treatments up to $50,000 (semi private room only). Participants pay the first $1,000 in respect of each separate sickness or injury. Pre-existing conditions are not covered by Europe e.V. insurance based in Germany nor in Canada.
  • Legal Guardian and participant understand that Camp Europe or its affiliates or agents may, without liability, or expense to themselves take whatever action they deem appropriate with regard to participants health and safety and may place in a hospital for medical services and treatment or, if no hospital is readily available, may place you in the hands of a local medical doctor for treatment.
  1. I have read the conditions of eligibility.I have read and I agree with the terms & conditions, for Camp Europe 2015.
  2. I hereby declare that the information I provide is correct and I do give permission for my information to be carried as described in the privacy policy.
  3. By submitting my Registration form, I declare this Terms & Conditions are to rule during the application process for a camp program in Europe, to which Legal Guardian applies in behalf of Applicant.



Legal Guardian Name & Signature