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Participate in an international camping experience that will open your mind to Europe’s rich diversity of ecosystems, culture, language and good camping. If you are between 10 & 18 years old looking for the best & ultimate camping experience in the old continent, you have just found the perfect program. Whether you are looking for a language camp, a soccer camp, an adventure sports camp, a science camp, a leadership camp, a fitness challenge camp, or even, if you are looking into becoming an International Camp Counselor, we have it for you. Join us for an unforgettable experience! Feel free to leran more about the variety of programs and locations that are ready to welcome you.

Campers in Europe

Latests Testimonials

  • Hello, I wanted to tell you my daughter Kayla Ollek has been back from Germany for 2 months now and I do see a significant change in her confidence levels. Her anxiety levels have decreased and her confidence has increased. She told me that after surviving 3 days in the forest, exams and school don’t stress her out as much anymore. It was a spiritual journey for her and helped her grow as a person. She will be better prepared for university and adulthood in general.
    Thank you for pushing her to the limit. It’s exactly what she needed to succeed and calm down. With success comes sacrifice and she finally understands that now.
    Keep well. I’m forever grateful that you’ve helped my teenager.

    Sabrina Thompson

  • Both our sons enjoyed their first time experience of a summer camp. They discovered that although they come from different parts of the world, they all share the same good values and strive for the good purposes. The interaction in the camp helped them feel more responsible and independent. They both said that they would love to come back to the summer camp but this time in a new location -so they want to continue exploring and meeting new people.
    Great job and our wishes of success.

    Magzhan Ilyassov

  • Our children Emily and Finnley enjoyed last summer’s camp in Walsrode very much. They met lots of friends, discovered nature and had great teamers around them who motivated and inspired them. Although they had some rainy days included during their stay, the camp offered great entertainment options. And of course, the food was amazing! Emily came back with her team leader certificate, rescue swimmer certificate and had the great experience of a 120 km hike!!!!

    Claudia and Axel, Emily and Finnley from Dubai

  • With some trepidation we sent our 12 year old daughter across the Atlantic alone to a camp we had never visited. Most parents thought we were crazy. However, Morgan loved every minute of the experience and we believe that we got back a more mature, insightful and grateful child.

    Simone Vazquez, California USA

  • Our daughter, Ainhoa, did benefit from the experience at Camp. She travelled on her own in and out of Germany, and integrated into a group of boys and girls (especially those sharing her tent) without knowing anyone which has helped with her self confidence, and generally helped her mature. Having to make new friends and integrate into camp activities and rules also helped her develop social skills. She connected very well with her tent lead Tiffany. She loves outdoor activities, and would even have done even more. She did not suffer at all from not having her phone, and used it when she was allowed to call us, which she did not do too much and to us that was a good sign. She enjoyed the second week more, but I would say that’s because she was probably settling in during the first week.

    All in all, the experience was very good, we found her happy and together when she came home (and did not have lice which was a blessing!!). We would send her again next year if things pan out as planned.

    Amelie de Marsily

Our summer camps hosted in Germany, Ireland, Austria and Spain share the unique quality and special Camp Spirit inherited by our international campers and teamers.
Each year, our camps are attended by campers from a wide diversity of countries, such as: Canada, U.S. Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, Italy, France, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, Morroco, United Arab Emirates, Japan, China, Egypt, Malaysia, and many more.

All of our Camps offer experiential learning techniques combined with regular language classes, practical projects that have an emphasis on education, as well as fun camp games, activities and sports.
All of our staff are certified instructors, with many years of experience and with 1st aid accreditation

We provide a safe, dynamic and fun environment for our campers and youth, focusing on entertaining experiences and creating unforgettable memories.
Make new friends from all over the world!
Are you ready for a Lifetime experience?

Camp Programs

Adventure Sports Camps

Adventure, Creativity, Nature, Summer Time and friends from many parts of the worldd.

English Language Camps in Germany

Different level of immersion & intensity combined with lots of camp fun.

German Soccer Camp

Get trained in Germany. The ultimate European & World Football - Soccer Champions!

International Leadership Camps

Specific program for youth looking for interesting time with peers in a relaxed setting.

Bear Grylls Camps

Explore the wild, learn many different survival tecniques and go through an obstacle course.

English Language Camps in Ireland

Learn & practice English while having lots of adventures at camp in Ireland.

Horseback Riding Camp

For all levels of experience, a wonderful setting to enjoy riding through the northern German forestry.

International Camp Counselor in Training

International Course & Placement program for future counselors.

Registration Process

Read ALL the information regarding Camp Europe program, including:

Once you are sure this program suits your interests; fill out the Direct Registration Form.
You will be prompted to the safe booking platform, where you have to select camp and session and any other supplementary (i.e. airport transfer, extra-cost activities, sleeping gear, insurance, etc.).

  • Shortly after, one of our friendly reps will contact you, to guide you through the rest of the booking process & provide you with:
    • Packing guide.
    • Information package.
    • Terms and conditions applied by the elected Camp.

All information is treated confidently.

Campers in Switzerland

  • Once you submit your direct registration form one of our friendly representatives will contact you shortly after to guide you through the registration process.
  • You will be requested to fill out a full booking form.
  • You will receive the declaration of agreement (sign and bring to camp)
  • You will receive the online questionnaire (fill out and send back)

A 50 euro deposit must be paid in order to secure the booking.

A 45 euro Cancellation Policy must be acquired to obtain a “full-refund – no questions asked last minute cancellation” insurance in case the camper does not attend. This makes it possible for you to cancel up to 1 day prior to the beginning of camp.

The Fee covers:

      • Full camp program (staffing, equipment & materials.)
      • Full Room & Board during Camp.
      • Administrative Fees
        • *Shuttle Service from / to Airport
        • *Medical Coverage while at camp
        • *Language lesson
        • *Extra activities

*If selected