Welcome to Camp Europe

Camp Europe is an non-profit organization that strives to provide meaningful life experiences to children, youth / young adults alike. Our Outdoor Education programs are solely based on experiential learning techniques. We implement education in a natural environment and in direct contact with mother nature. Our team as well as our participants come from a wide array of countries, creating a fantastic international atmosphere. We are proud of our high return rate of campers & staff (who most of them were campers not so long ago).

With fifteen years of experience, we have consolidated ourselves as leaders within the European Outdoor Education field. Camp Europe has been constantly improving its foundations in order to expand the reach of its educational projects aimed at diverse age ranges. Starting from pure recreational programs, going to Sport Oriented activities, Leadership, Team building and Role Model fostering dynamics, onto Staff Summer Placements, a 3 month long Internship and crowning it all with an Outdoor Education Diploma Certificate.

Do you want to be part of our team?

Camp Europe extends the opportunity to young adults to become part of our team and to take part in the implementation of our Outdoor Educational programs for a time length convenient for each individual. From a short 4-week period during the summer, for 3-months, or even up to a 6-month period. There are diverse role positions available and a great diversity of placement campsites where our staff gets different opportunities. Either as a Camp Counselor, a Language Coach, a Group Leader, a Program Area Specialist or a Camp Director Assitant, there are placements available in Germany, Ireland, England, Spain & Austria.

  • 4+ weeks of Summer Job placements
  • 3 Month Internship
  • 6 Month Outdoor Education Diploma

School Groups

Camp Europe offers tailor made Outdoor Education curriculum for highschools coming from diverse countries. These trips can be for a short period of 4-days and up to 20 full day long. Each group decides the program area in which to focus the goals they want to achieve. Whether its Nature & the Enveronment, Team Building, Sports Training, or merely a Group Celebration Trip, we organize it all so the group can truly enjoy. We can top it up with a sightseeing 3 day tour visiting the beauties of Hamburg and the Wonders of Berlin.

Do you want to become a Camper?

Camp Europe offers unique Outdoor Education experiences during the summer, for children & youth. Our wide scope of Educational Areas include Languages, Adventure Sports, Soft Skill Development, Acuatic Activities, Arts & Drama, Leadership and Training to become a Counselor. All the learning is induced through a wide diversity of games and group activities loaded with fun, creativity and imagination.

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About Us

We are a non-profit organization based in Germany and Canada, that for the last fifteen years has succeed in creating Outdoor Educational programs gathering participants from over 45 different countries. We operate in safe campsites around Europe. Our staff members are well-prepared, trained and most of them with previous experience. We create a fraternity atmosphere which allows us to have a high returning rate of campers that go through our different programs and then become part of our summer team.